Now Is The Best Time To Refinance Your Retirement

Discover Why Americans Are Rushing Back To This Depression-Era “Retirement Safety Net.”

No strings attached. In order to see if you can qualify for a Retirement ReFi™, we need to crunch your numbers in a way that nobody has done for you before, a process that only takes 15 minutes. There’s no obligation at the end, and you’ll leave with peace of mind.

How It Works

Most Americans have heard of a ‘Mortgage Refinance,’ but fewer have heard of a ‘Retirement Refinance.’ With a mortgage refinance, you pay off an old, high-interest loan to replace it with a new one that suits your goals.
With a retirement refinance, you transfer your savings from an old, underperforming account to a new account that suits your goals. But not everyone can qualify (80-90% of Americans do) because there are some legal restrictions including types of retirement accounts and how long you’ve had them for.
Retirement ReFi Steps - Infographic
ReFi Steps - Mobile Infographic


I was worried about taxes, inflation, and my legacy. Because of a Retirement Refinance, I don't have to worry anymore.
Headshot_Testimonials_Jacob E
Jacob E.
I traded in low returns and volatility for safety and higher guaranteed returns with a Retirement ReFi™.
Angela C.
Refinancing my retirement was the best decision I ever made. I locked in higher guaranteed rates so I don't have to wonder about my retirement.
Suzzane P.
Because of Retirement ReFi™, I get access to the best investors in the world that are typically only reserved for the wealthiest Americans.
Harold K.


The Retirement ReFi™ App is a proprietary technology that aggregates all the potential sources of information surrounding your retirement (investments, income, goals, expenses, etc) and produces a crystal clear picture of what you can expect to earn in retirement and how to bridge the gap to what you want to earn.

You may need a Retirement ReFi™ if:

    1. You have underperforming retirement accounts and you want to understand how to leverage the current high-rate environment to benefit your existing investments.
    2. You’ve never heard of a Retirement ReFi™ before and you want to understand how to best utilize this vehicle.
    3. You’re unsure how your current retirement savings could be maximized by utilizing a Retirement ReFi™.
REASON 1: Most financial advisors don’t know how to Refinance a retirement account or set it up to be legally tax-free for the account holder.
REASON 2: Most financial advisors only recommend the financial vehicles their company tells them to recommend.
REASON 3: Most financial advisors don’t know how to remove your risk while making your assets grow.
  • Your interest rate can be guaranteed. (You can count on consistent annual growth — even if the market crashes)
  • You can say goodbye to unnecessary and hidden fees.
  • You can activate life-long income with zero market risk.
  • You get access to exclusive investment strategies normally reserved for only the wealthiest families in America.
  • You don’t pay taxes on growth or principal. Ever. (This is 100% legal if your Retirement ReFi™ Account is set up correctly and structured according to the current IRS tax code.)
  • Americans are rushing to Refinance their retirements for two reasons:
    1. Because of the current uncertainty in stock markets, political and geopolitical landscapes.
    2. Because they want to leverage the current high-interest rate environment to their advantage before it’s too late.

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